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These Cookies are Aunt Kelly's Best Sellers all in one Package!


Butter Crunch Butter Crunch ---     A Rich, Buttery Cookie that gets your attention  😋   This Thin cookie is  Soft , with a Crunch and lingers in your euphoric space.


Snickerdoodle-- Cinnamon and Sugar Mend Perfectly Together to create this Unforgettable Cookies, kind of like a Toasty Cinnamon Cookie Crunch.


Butter Pecan: --- A Maple essence that's created by the blending of  Pecans and sweet  Butter Crunch Cookies.


Butter Crunch Chocolate Chip --- Best of both worlds! Buttery Butter Crunch with your favorite part of a Chocolate Chip Cookie CHOCOLATE chip.


All our homemade cookie dough is Hand-Mixed and baked Fresh Everyday with Simple Ingredients right in our Mt. Vernon Bakery, in Baltimore, Md.


When you buy our Cookies online we fill your online order the same day. We place it in an air sealed package to maintain the moisture and prevent dryness. Then We place the sealed Package inside our reusable Cookie Tin. Please allow 2–3-days for shipping.


We Provide Fresh baked Homemade Cookies in a Tin Container

• Taste Cookies and not Chemicals.  

• Cookies shipped same day that's ordered 

• Allergy Notice Contains nuts, soy, eggs, 

• No Preservatives 

Aunt Kelly's Cookie Assortment 2 Dozen Tin

SKU: 5675
Excluding Sales Tax
  • • consume within 2 days after receiving or freeze up to 1 month in airtight container 

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